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Asking for Help

If you’re ready to ask for assistance, either for yourself or a loved one, Safe Harbor drug rehab is ready to help. Deciding to go to treatment is a big decision. You will want to find the recovery center that best meets your personal needs. Our approach to treatment is based on the belief that addiction is a chronic illness requiring ongoing care to be managed effectively. That’s why we provide both residential/inpatient treatment, as well as continuing care. You or your loved one will receive continuous support from our experienced and compassionate staff.

Why Choose Safe Harbor Drug Rehab?

Safe Harbor drug rehab, located in beautiful Portsmouth, Virginia, is a place where you will find understanding and hope. We know that drug addiction is a complex disease that affects both the brain, and a person’s behavior patterns. Addicted individuals experience powerful urges to continue using, despite negative consequences. It is often as baffling to the addict as it is to those around him or her. We can help make sense of what you are going through, and give you the knowledge and tools you need to create lasting change. We understand you may feel hopeless. Let us show you the way out.

Our treatment programs have been designed using evidence-based approaches and holistic treatment methods. Combining effective clinical methods with this holistic view of recovery promotes healing of the mind, body, and spirit. At Safe Harbor drug rehab, we also understand that no two individuals are exactly alike. This means creating effective treatment plans, personalized to fit each individual.

Our Programs

Safe Harbor drug rehab’s inpatient program is a safe place for you or your loved one to begin your recovery journey. During residential treatment, clients reside on campus and have access to around-the-clock care. Residential treatment at Safe Harbor includes a combination of cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavioral, and narrative therapies. Another important component of the treatment process, motivational interviewing, helps encourage change and reduce the chance of relapse. Our continuing care program ensures that you have support during and after your transition back to independent living. Plans include intensive outpatient programs (IOP), 12-Step meetings, an online relapse prevention program, and even sober living options. Additionally, Safe Harbor offers a family program, where family members can receive support and education. Topics include rebuilding trust, promoting healthy communication, stopping codependency, avoiding enabling, and managing stress.

Contact Us to Learn More

If you’re researching treatment options for yourself or a loved one, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have or schedule a tour of our facility. Call today to speak with one of our admissions representatives.

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