Drug Addiction

Fortunately, there’s hope for a better future. Safe Harbor Recovery Center offers evidenced-based treatment for men and women suffering from substance use disorders. Many of our clients struggle with addiction to alcohol, prescription opioids, heroin, methamphethamines, cocaine, and a variety of other drugs.

Drug addiction is a complex disease affecting the brain as well as behavior patterns. Individuals with this condition have powerful urges to continue to use the abused substance, despite experiencing adverse consequences to their health, career, and personal relationships. The threat of divorce, job loss, financial trouble, arrest, or overdose seems inconsequential when compared to the dopamine rush created by the abused substance.

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Comprehensive Individual Assessments

No two people with substance use disorders are exactly alike, which means that there is no one-size-fits all approach to treating addiction. Effective treatment plans must be personalized to fit each individual.

Safe Harbor Recovery Center’s drug addiction treatment program begins with a comprehensive assessment to help the treatment team identify each guest’s strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences. The assessment considers factors such as:

The assessment process helps to ensure an accurate diagnosis and the creation of an evidence-based care plan. Trac 9, a proprietary assessment tool, is used throughout the process to monitor treatment readiness, cravings, risk of relapse, and the risk of early treatment termination.

The Truth About Addiction

There are many harmful myths about drug addiction, but the most prevalent is that drug abuse is a moral failing. Addiction isn’t caused by lack of willpower or some innate character defect. Once it takes hold, the grip of addiction is so strong that it’s essentially impossible to resist without professional help.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment at Safe Harbor Recovery Center uses a combination of cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavioral, and narrative therapies to build a foundation for sobriety. Instead of simply viewing abstinence as the only goal, guests work towards a life of wellness. They are encouraged to examine the underlying causes of their substance use disorder and develop a proactive plan to support a sober lifestyle. This holistic view of recovery promotes healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

Residential treatment also includes a family program, since drug addiction does not just affect the individual using addictive substances. To heal from past trauma and move forward in a productive manner, family members are given a safe environment where they can learn about rebuilding trust, promoting healthy communication, avoiding codependency, and managing stress. The family program also explains how family members can best support their loved one’s sobriety following the completion of residential treatment.

Continuing Care

Addiction treatment at Safe Harbor Recovery Center doesn’t end when a guest has completed the residential program. Continuing care plans are developed to provide access to partial hospitalization programs, sober living homes, 12-Step recovery groups in the community, and other relevant resources. Guests are also encouraged to participate in Safe Harbor Recovery Center’s alumni groups and events, creating a sober support system to ease the transition back to independent living.

Although drug addiction can’t be cured in the same way you could treat a broken leg or an illness such as strep throat, this chronic condition can be effectively managed. With access to treatment from the experienced professionals at Safe Harbor Recovery Center, you can enjoy the endless possibilities of a sober future.

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