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At Safe Harbor Recovery Center, we offer the best treatment programs for substance use problems. We are a top-rated VA alcohol rehab, where we help individuals overcome addiction with a combination of psychotherapies, counseling sessions, support groups, and medication management.

Substance Use and Military Veterans

Current and ex-veterans often struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol. This is because veterans that are a part of combat endure mental disorders like depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or anxiety, which causes them to resort to drugs to escape from the symptoms of their condition. Veterans after a traumatic event, combat, or deployment often lean on prescription drugs to ease their minds, which can develop into an addiction over time.

At our treatment facility, we offer an exclusive VA alcohol drug dependence rehabilitation program to help veterans suffering from addiction and co-occurring mental disorders. We see a lot of accomplished veterans come to our facility with PTSD, along with an addiction condition. Although the cause of PTSD in veterans is mostly combat-related, the condition may also relate to sexual abuse during their time in the military.

It can be challenging for veterans with mental disorders to overcome addiction, and even if they do, many a time, they end up relapsing. At our facility, we design a custom treatment plan to help veterans attain long-lasting sobriety.

Veterans’ Addiction to Prescription Medications

Veterans with a drug addiction condition often present with symptoms of PTSD like having flashbacks, problems with memory, low self-esteem, feelings of hopelessness, insomnia, and aggression. To overcome these symptoms, servicemen and women resort to prescription drugs more often than the recommended dosage and develop an addiction to these drugs. Addiction to prescription meds can lead to impaired cognition and self-destructive behaviors over time.

Besides, as veterans turn to alcohol and drugs to numb their pain, it can worsen the PTSD situation further and lead to bigger problems. Over 20% of military men and women suffer from dual diagnosis (PTSD and substance/alcohol abuse). Due to their condition, a doctor may prescribe anxiety medications to improve their mood and alleviate the symptoms. Veterans, in general, take anti-depressant medications after combat to process the painful memories and heal from combat-related injuries, which can be highly addictive. Some of the common prescription meds that cause addiction include painkillers, benzodiazepines, and sedatives.

Treatment for Veterans

Fortunately, veterans have several treatment options for addiction than an average civilian. They can seek treatment either through residential or outpatient rehab programs or through the Department of Veterans Affairs. We are one of the few treatment facilities to offer affordable treatment programs for veterans. Our VA addiction program encompasses one-on-one counseling, family counseling, and group therapy, treatment for co-occurring mental disorders, residential /outpatient rehab, and medication management.

Call Safe Harbor Recovery Center today for more information on our rehab for veterans with drug or alcohol problems. We are a top drug/alcohol rehab for veterans, and we equip our residents with effective coping mechanisms to overcome addiction. We are one of the exclusive treatment centers to offer an outstanding VA alcohol rehab program in Portsmouth.

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